Belts and Requirements

Students, youth and adult, are eligible to test for new belt rank after each session. Attendance policy will determine students eligibility to test. A testing fee of $9 is paid each session along with regular attendance fee.

Youth (under 18)

Youth students are eligible to test for new belt rank after each session, based on attendance. The journey from White Belt to 1st Dan Black Belt will take 12-Sessions. See below for requirements for each belt rank.

Adults (over 18)

Adult students are eligible to advance at their desired progress. Belts can be skipped if mastery of moves are shown throughout the session. Black Belt requirements will vary based on youth or adult student.

  1. White Belt (Earned by Registration)
  2. Yellow Belt
  3. Yellow Belt with Green Stripe
  4. Green Belt
  5. Green Belt with Purple Stripe
  6. Purple Belt
  7. Purple Belt with Brown Stripe
  8. Brown Belt
  9. Brown Belt with Red Stripe
  10. Red Belt
  11. Red Belt with Black Stripe
  12. Red Belt with Two Black Stripes (1/2 of black belt test)
  13. 1st Dan Black Belt

Kata Requirements

Video of full Kata can be viewed here.