l have two kids in Master Mike Keller’s class, my son being far younger, less coordinated & has lower energy than other kids in class. He’s also sensitive & gets embarrassed & discouraged easily & quick to want to quit activities when he feels like he’s not performing as well as others.

Master Keller has the perfect mix of gentle encouragement and tough love to help my son, which made a really positive difference in his level of motivation. My kids are both about to earn their yellow belts, and my son talks about working towards his black belt someday.

I’m so thankful to Master Keller for encouraging both kids and helping them grow more confident. They eagerly practice their skills at home with a strong desire to live up to his expectations. My husband and I look forward to our kids growing their skills in Master Keller’s classes.

Jen W – Buffalo, MN
I just wanted to say, This program has made a hug difference in my son’s life. Master Wood teaches 3 kids in our family. John, Austin, and Kadyn in Isanti. He has made a profound difference in all 3 of their lives. Thank you Master Wood!!! I can’t express it enough

Charity – Maplewood
My son Nathan has just completed his third session with Master Jeff Wood at Falcon Ridge Elementary. He is now a green belt. I just want to say how impressed I am with the program and the discipline and respect Master Jeff teaches these children. I would like to say thank you to Master Jeff for what he has taught my son and all the valuable lessons and skills he has learned.

Scott M – New Prague, MN
My son has been studying under Master Jeff Wood for over two years. During that time, the immense growth my son has experienced academically, socially, and emotionally is incalculable.

The Young Americans Schools of Self-Defense program has gifted my son with critical lifelong values of education, dedication and commitment, and nobody is positioned better than Master Jeff to provide this instruction and guidance. Master Jeff is a man of integrity and compassion. He is respectful and respected by all children and parents in his classes and his is a kind, patient and considerate man. Couple these attributes with Master Jeff’s skills and decades of experience and you have someone who is a model of competence, character, and charming charisma.

Master Jeff Wood is a Godsend and the Young Americans program is a blessing to all participants and their families!

Mary – Woodbury, MN
My boys have been with Master Jeff for forever! He is amazing. Mario will get his black belt this May! We are very excited for him and Diego will be a purple/green, also excited for him. The kids love their sensei and we couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

Alma G
I highly recommend this program to any parent. Besides self-defense and safety awareness, the instructor instill self-confidence, discipline, and a work ethic the kids will take with them forever. I credit Jeff Wood with the success of my son. Jason started at age 5, and earned his Black Belt at the age of 10. Currently a sophomore in high school, Jason won the 4AAA Heavyweight Wrestling Tournament and was a started on the Varsity Football Team. Jeff shows a genuine concern for the development of your child. Thank you for this great program!

Mark T
I just love this non profit organization and what they do and stand for! I have two daughters in this program. since being in the Young Americans Self Defense Program, my daughters have never missed an opportunity for elevation. They attend the classes faithfully, 3 sessions a year. My youngest daughter started at 4yrs old. She is now 5 yrs old and has earned her green-purple stripe belt. My oldest daughter started at 5 yrs old , she is now 8 1/2 Years old and has earned a brown belt – red stripe. This is a very important program for my children.

They go to every tournament and has many trophies to show their achievements in young americans. We are grateful to teacher Shawn Morris & the rest of the young american teachers, for being such an inspiration and good role models for the children who are in the program. Shawn Morris has been teaching my children since they started. I often try to recruite other parents and encourage them to educate their children in the program. Thanks to Young Americans, my children will know how to protect themselves, make the right choices & decisions in all situations, good or bad, and beware of their surroundings. We appreciate this program and all it does!! Keep up the good work! We are not stopping until we achieve black belts!

Ericka – St. Paul, MN
We love this program. All six of our children have a belt through Young Americans. We have three kids that have accomplished black belt or above, two 2nd Dan Blackbelt & one First Dan Belt. Our other three kids are working towards their black belts with our youngest testing for his in one more session.

Steve O – Big Lake
My daughter started taking self defense classes with Brian St. George in Bloomington in the spring of 2008. We’ve attended every session since. Not only has she learned a great deal about self defense, she has made many friends, and learned a lot about herself in the process. This program is a wonderful place to bring your child for some self discipline and awareness, and helps children grow in so many ways. My daughter earned her First Degree Black Belt in the spring of 2011, and assists in both the beginner and intermediate classes every week, and learning in a third class for the advanced students (brown belts and up). She continues to learn and better herself and her defense skills each session.

We’ve attended every tournament, where she has won several first place trophies for kisck, escapes, sparring, and kata throughout the years. She and I both have so many positive and rewarding experiences throughout this program. As a parent, watching the children practice week after week, I’ve even learned how to do some of the things they do. I’ve also learned to ‘take a punch’ as I’ve been her ‘attacker’ at several tournaments in the Escapes event.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a self defense/karate style class to take their child. The fees are very affordable, the time invested is well worth it, and what the children get out of it is priceless. If I could participate as an adult I certainly would. It’s just that good of a program.

Shea D
Thank you Master Morris for helping my Skye gain confidence. Now she’s coming out of her shy shell, and is standing up for herself. She will be back, and will get that belt!

Olympia S – St. Paul, MN
My daughter is in Master Steve Dausey’s Fairbult self defense class. She has been there for 3 sessions. He is a very amazing teacher, and I would recommend his classes to anyone.

Bobbi L – Fairbault, MN