Young Americans Schools of Self Defense Traditional Martial Arts Non-Aggressive Defenses
Young Americans Schools of Self Defense
Our Program empowers students of all ages with the skills, abilities, and tools necessary to successfully deter and overcome threatening situations which exist in our world today.
Traditional Martial Arts
Physical fitness is part of training in the Martial Arts
Non-Aggressive Defenses
With a variety of styles taught our instructors teach students how to use momentum against an attacker or opponent.

Young Americans School of Self-DefenseĀ 

Students of all ages (ages 4 to adults) are taught how to recognize attack types, utilize preemptive interventions and verbal deterrents, effectively employ physical techniques to subdue an assailant, and successfully use proven escape maneuvers.

This program also promotes self-confidence, physical fitness, respect for authority, and improved academic performance. For more details see our about us page.

Come see for yourself what our program can do for you!

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